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CyAnna is a mother and daughter (Anna and Cynthia pronounced see-anna) team that creates beautiful custom gifts. Beyond gifts, we create family heirlooms designed to be passed from generation to generation. We also honor our African American heroes by teaching through conversations of exquisite embroidered apparel that reflect the priceless contributions African Americans have made to this country and around the world.

The honor of sharing a creative endeavor with my mother who is also my mentor and friend is the greatest gift a daughter can receive. Our creative journey began when as a child I admired my mom’s fashion sense. Of course, I did not articulate it in those words- I just liked any clothes or gifts she chose for me, my sisters and brother. She always chose just the right styles and colors. We were always impeccably dressed for school and church. I remember a disagreement that would ensue between her and my dad when she asked for more money to purchase clothes for Easter or Christmas on top of holiday dinners.

My sisters, brother, and I were always on the church holiday speech and play programs and she would not have it if we were not dressed in our holiday finest. Dad’s position was holding out to pay the bills. So, mom’s tactic was to become the expert shopper – dressing all four of us – I kid you not, for no more than $25 head to toe. This was a huge task because my oldest sister, Sharon, had a big head and mom had the darndest time finding an Easter hat to fit her; my brother had big feet and it became frustrating for all of us going store to store to find shoes to fit him. When we entered high school, mom secured work in downtown Phoenix as a window displayer for the Lerner’s clothing store chain.This gave her access to the latest fashions at a discount, so we had the chance to continue being on the receiving end of her fashion talents.
Being the youngest of the family and a Tomboy I never thought I had her eye for color coordination and fashion. Growing up I always found a way to rip my fancy Christmas or Easter dress on the church pew or wasting something on it, as I watched the gasps of mom. I grew up following behind my brother and even entered a non-traditional career field, working in an all-male environment.

As a young adult, Mom and I began making family gifts together for birthdays and holidays and we soon received requestsfor those gifts from others, so it became a natural progression to begin creating gifts for individuals around the state then around the country. From that start, we were determined to deliver the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Today I am thrilled that mom and I have complemented each other’s love for creating exquisite gifts and amazed that I always had a coordinating color and fashion style tucked in me.

It is truly a pleasure to search with her for the best fabrics and designs for our products and develop gifts for individuals with discerning taste.

Our commitment is to deliver attention to detail in every item. We use the highest quality products, incorporate sustainable practices in the creation of each gift, and are always mindful of our environmental footprint.Therefore, whatever the task, using sustainable best practices is always at the forefront of our gift creations.

We ensure that your ideas will manifest into gifts that bring awe and will be cherished for years. The CyAnna pledge is to provide the very best materials, the most beautiful fabrics, and earn your trust and respect to create styles and gifts we love and believe you will love too.

We stand behind our guarantee that our gifts will meet your standards. We’re so committed to making sure we can meet your needs that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We want to be your trusted place for quality creative gifts. You’ll discover that determination in every piece we create.