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There is no significant moment in history when Black women have not made their mark. We can list numerous icons such as the fierce Queen Nzinga, Alethia Tanner, Fannie Lou Hammer, and more. These women changed the path of their societies, and generations still read of their heroism

However, their notable efforts did not end at that. Every one of us who has been fortunate enough to live alongside Black moms knows that they are as much “warriors” in the home as in the boardroom.  I’d say the challenges of raising a child, building a home, and having a career is not as different as the war front. Still, these brave humans are always there.

That is why I lavish every moment I get to celebrate my amazing mother, as well as other important women in my life, and attempt to find new ways to put a smile on their faces. This post details some of my top choices of unique gifts to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2021, and I’d love to share them with you.

  1. Waterford Crystal Vase

For many of us, crystal vases are unforgettable parts of our childhoods. This is because these delicate objects are well known for adding an angelic and warm touch to our homes. Furthermore, these special gifts often act as heirlooms that carry memories and are lovingly passed from generation to generation.

Therefore The Waterford Crystal Vase is fifth on my list of beautiful gifts to share in the celebration of Mother’s Day. 

  1. The Mom

Instinctively, the first thought that comes to mind when you see the name of this package is your mother. Well, you are right like I am. However, there’s more. The mom package is a lush washcloth that’s excellently blended with beautiful and creative embroidery. It adds pzazz to what would ordinarily be a ‘piece of fabric’ and makes it a fantastic present.

Hence, The Mom is fourth on my list of beautiful gifts to share in the celebration of Mother’s Day.

  1. Golf Gift Set

Are you looking to add a distinct touch to your gift-giving this year? Then the Golf Gift Set is everything you need. The package is perfectly suitable for sporty mothers and, as the case may be, fathers. It contains golf towels, ball caps, and several other eye-catching golf necessities designed with stunning colors and top-quality materials.

Thanks to its incredible appeal to Black moms who are sport-oriented, this gift set is number 3 for me.

  1. Sharon

I am always on the lookout for gifts that capture warmth and affection, and few beat the “Sharon” gift set. This is not surprising as the gift has its origin from the display of family fondness. I think it’s a great way to tell a sister, mom, aunt, friend how much you love her without uttering a word.

  1. Especially For You 

Intriguing, the crystal has the debut and also the end. Only this time, it adds class to every drop of wine sipped rather than simply adorn the home. Tell her this gift is ‘Especially For You’ a single Waterford Crystal Wine Goblet to toast all the good days.

It crowns the already heroic mom by remaining as a treasure piece in her collection and is my number 1.